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Advanced building energy simulations including BCA NCC JV3, NABERS, GBCA, CBD, BEEC and real time

Apart from the BCA Section J Deemed-to-Satisfy report, we are experienced to use advanced simulation software to carry out JV3 analysis and provide cost-effective building solutions for non-residential buildings.

JV3 analysis requires the detailed simulation of the proposed building in three versions:

  • Reference Building is modelled as having the same overall form and function of the proposed building but with construction, insulation, fenestration and services conforming with the Deemed-To-Satisfy (DTS) standards listed in Section J of the Building Code of Australia (BCA);
  • Proposed Building with proposed construction, insulation, fenestration but with DTS services; and
  • Proposed Building with proposed construction, insulation, fenestration and with proposed services.

To obtain Building Approval, the modelling must show that both versions of the Proposed Building consume no more energy than the Reference Building.

Our advanced building simulation technique is also capable of energy efficiency modelling and analysis for innovative building products like Ventis, Cupolex and SolaMate.

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