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SunConscious low energy passive solar design and construction

Especially in Australia's uplands, passive solar design is a very powerful technique for achieving year-round comfort with little or no purchased energy. The SunConscious Design team, with experience in all of Australia's varied climates, applies an extensive vocabulary of "passive solar" design techniques in combination to create highly-liveable, artistic spaces which are cheap to run and very gentle on the environment.

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For a web tool for optimising proposed house extensions for energy efficiency visit Smarter Renovations (content by Energy Partners for Sustainability Victoria). For applications outside Victoria, use the Ballarat climate for Tasmania and uplands like the Canberra Region or the NSW Highlands. Use the Melbourne climate for southern SA. Use the Mildura climate for inland areas more than 28° south (Geraldton to Gundiwindy).

Project Examples and photo gallery: