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    PV OptiMizer is a new application from Exemplary that predicts annual average and monthly average daily electricity produced by a specified PV cell, panel or array when pointed in any direction. This app is perfect for anyone who has an interest in solar renewable technology and can be used PV Optimizer app commercially by PV retailers.

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    To download please go to App Store for IOS device or GooglePlay for Andoird device.

    Australian Solar Radiation Data HandbookThe 4th Edition of the Australian Solar Radiation Data Handbook (ASRDH) and the corresponding software AUSOLRAD are available. ASRDH provides suitable solar data for teachers, researchers, users and designers of various types of solar systems for many locations around Australia. Preview of ASRDH please click here.

    Australian Solar Radiation Software (AUSOLRAD) is able to create tables for a location at any oriention (including sun-tracking), any tilt (including facing down), any overhang, any ground albedo (reflectance). An overview of AUSOLRAD please click here.

    The book and software can be purchased by contacting us or online at solar-e.com.

    Exemplary Energy can create customised software to do energy analysis according to your needs. Example like Exemplary NatHERS Analyzer which takes the NatHERS software output files (such as hourly temperature and energy data from BERS Pro or AccuRate etc.) and recalculate the temperature and energy result given more conditions are applied.

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