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Australian Solar and Weather and Climate and microclimate Data for Building Energy Simulation

In many simulations of energy systems, climate is represented as Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) data. The approach derives hourly meteorological variables from historic records to represent annual climate for a given location. While meeting the need for comparability and indicativeness, the technique suffers from incapacity to provide information on extreme weather events like heat waves or passing tropical cyclones:

  • for projected future weather patterns in a changed climate,
  • relevant for specific building types (e.g. deep plan or envelope dominated),
  • for specific actual periods of concern up to and including full 28 year data 1990 - 2019 inclusive.

Exemplary Energy has developed an approach whereby representative data may be selected for a targeted purpose and applied to the respective simulation models. The data can be provided in any format.

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For more information about this approach please refer to the IBPSA paper: Lee - paper (PDF - 228k).
To download a sample RMY (Reference Meteorological Year) file of Borroloola, NT in ACDB format please click here.

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