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Australian Solar Radiation data (for any location)

Exemplary Solar MapBOM periodically releases satellite estimated data of gridded global horizontal irradiance (GHI) and direct normal irradiance (DNI) data, in watts per square metre. This hourly data accounts for virtually the whole of Australia, and is derived from satellite imagery processed by the BOM at the time of the satellite scan.

We have developed the Exemplary Australian Solar Energy Atlas (EASEA) software to visualise the GHI and DNI on a computer screen. Further, the extraction of time series for individual locations was perfected so as to allow the extraction of hourly data, with the data interpolated minute-by-minute to values at exactly on-the-hour local standard time.

The map shows GHI February monthly average, please contact us for maps of seasonal and monthly averages for both GHI and DNI.

Please contact us for the latest solar radiation data resources of any locations in Australia.

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